About Voilà 64

We are a husband and wife team who moved from the UK to the south west of France in 2007 in search of a tranquil and rural environment in which to bring up our two children, then aged two and four years old.

We brought with us over 25 years combined experience of property inspection, management and renovation, Andrew having established and managed a letting agency in the West Midlands for 10 years, as well as renovating two houses, whilst Allison worked as an Environmental Health Officer in Birmingham, specialising in housing related matters, since 1992.

Both of us, having grown up in beautiful lush rural England, immediately fell in love with the rolling green hills of the Bearn region, framed to the south by the rugged, wild and often snow capped Pyrenees and to the west by the atlantique Basque coast, renown for its long sandy beaches and surfing opportunities.

Following in the footsteps of many other Brits, we bought ourselves an old farmhouse in need of restoration and modernisation and, over the past few years, have vastly expanded our knowledge, skills and experience in many aspects of property renovation and maintenance. Of particular value, are the relationships and trust we have developed with various local artisans, such as masons, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and carpenters. This has enabled us to help others, faced with similar daunting renovation projects or maintenance issues, to achieve success as illustrated in our ‘projects section’.

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